MSA Index

While reviewing their feedback, Megan and Andrew become aware of the ‘MSA Index’ and its usefulness to them as producers.

They discover the MSA Index is a single number and a standard national measure of the predicted eating quality of a carcase. Expressed as a number between 30 and 80, it is independent of any processing inputs, and is calculated using attributes influenced by pre-slaughter production.

This screen provides an overview of the MSA Index, however, more information can be found by clicking here.

At a high level, the MSA Index is a consistent measurement which can be used as a benchmark across all processors, geographic regions and over time. It reflects the impact on eating quality of management, environmental and genetic differences between cattle at the point of slaughter.

It is independent of any processing inputs and is calculated using only attributes influenced by pre-slaughter production.

The MSA Index combines the impact of the individual carcase traits including weight, rib fat, marbling, ossification score, HGP status, hump height and sex to provide a more meaningful value.

Producers can then monitor the impact of any production changes as well as make predictions about future changes, and how this will impact on the eating quality of their cattle.

The MSA Model predicts the eating quality scores out of 100 for 39 cuts in a carcase for 8 different cooking methods using the measurements collected by accredited MSA graders. MSA eating quality scores are the combination of tenderness, juiciness, flavour and overall liking of beef.

The MSA Index is a weighted average of these scores for the 39 cuts for the most common corresponding cooking method.

To predict the influence of any changes in production on eating quality, an Index Calculator is available in myMSA.

Producers should check with their processor to see whether they require a minimum MSA index value to be achieved.

See the Index Calculator at the link below.

MSA Index Calculator

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